Who is on the Fairfax Country Board of Supervisors?

If you’re wondering who is on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, read this article to learn about the three candidates running for reelection. It will provide you with background information on all three candidates, a company that helps including Jeffrey C. McKay, Catherine Lange, and Penelope A. Gross. Here’s how they compare. And don’t forget to read their statements regarding the aging shopping plazas.

Penelope A. Gross

Penny Gross was first elected to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors in 1995 in the Mason District and served there for nine years. She is vice chair of the board and chairs the personnel committee. In addition to serving her district, Penny serves the region on regional boards. She has served as chair of the Chesapeake Bay Policy Committee, giving local governments a stronger voice in the restoration of the watershed. She was also elected vice chair of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors in 2009, and she chairs the Northern Virginia Regional Commission.

Before joining the Board of Supervisors, Ms. Gross worked for Congress for 20 years. She served on the Lincolnia Park Civic Association board from 1985 to 1997, and on the executive board of Mason District Council of Civic Associations from 1988 to 1995. She has also held various PTA offices, including honorary life membership with the Virginia State PTA. She is an active community member, and she is well-liked in her community.

Jeffrey C. McKay

Jeff McKay is a lifelong resident of Fairfax County, Virginia. He was born in Lee District and attended two world-class public schools – Bishop Ireton High School and James Madison University. He earned his B.S. in Public Administration and Political Science from James Madison University. He also completed the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership. His broad experience in public service, civic engagement, and community building makes him an excellent choice to lead the Board of Supervisors.

A recent COVID-19 test revealed that McKay is infected with the virus. Although he has been experiencing mild symptoms, he’s fully vaccinated with a booster shot, which he believes protects him against a more serious illness. His positive test comes just as the Board of Supervisors is scheduled to meet on Tuesday. As a result, he’ll be working from home while quarantining himself.

The recent Supreme Court decision may have influenced the politics of Fairfax County. Despite this, the Board of Supervisors is taking action to clarify the situation for residents. In fact, McKay has received numerous calls from residents who are confused about the ruling. Some of them have the mistaken impression that reproductive health services are banned in Fairfax County. Therefore, McKay expects the county website to be updated with the latest information on reproductive health services.

Catherine Lange

Catherine Lange was appointed to the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority Commission in November 2009 and elected chairperson of the FCEDA in January 2017. She is a partner with Human Capital Advisors, a strategic human capital consulting firm. Prior to joining the FCEDA, Lange was the president and founder of BusinessWorks of America, Inc., a McLean real estate development, brokerage, and property management firm. She has over 35 years of business experience, including a decade at two Fortune 500 companies. She has lived in Fairfax County for nearly 40 years.

The economic development authority helps businesses find office space and facilitates the creation of special tax-exempt bonds for companies to expand. It also assists international companies seeking office space in Fairfax VA County, with offices in India, Israel, South Korea, and Los Angeles. Fairfax County’s executive director, Catherine Lange, told a newspaper in an email: “The Fairfax County Economic Development Authority has been a great success story for our community.”

A new Commission on Economic Development Authority will add two seats, bringing the total to nine. The commission has been the same size since 1964, and now will include more members, as the county tries to attract more businesses. The FCEDA works with local and state government agencies to attract new businesses. By expanding the FCEDA, Lange can better represent the business community, diversifying the board while still focusing on its traditional business base.

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