How Long Is a 4 Post Car Lift?


Modern 4-post car lifts are hydraulic-electric and are powered by an AC motor and small hydraulic unit. The length of the platform, known as the runway, is a crucial factor in determining how long the lift can accommodate a reportedly used vehicle. It is also important to consider a buffer room. A runway with sufficient length and width should be able to handle a vehicle in a safe and efficient manner. If the vehicle is not long enough, the lift should be able to reach it, thereby reducing the risk of damaging the car.

Tuxedo FP12KK

If you’re looking for a premium car lift with high lifting capacity, the Tuxedo FP12KK is a great choice. Made of industrial-grade steel with boxed posts, this lift is easy to install and maintain. Its 12-inch post radius allows it to lift vehicles up to 12,000 pounds, which is an impressive amount of weight for this type of lift. Considering the 2021 Ford F-150 weighs around 6,000 pounds, this car lift is more than capable of doing so.

The lift comes equipped with a top-notch safety system. A lock ladder column design prevents the lift from collapsing if the vehicle isn’t properly secured. The diamond-plated runways increase the traction of the loaded vehicle. Its beefed-up posts are also a key feature. It is also finished in a durable powder-coat finish, increasing its durability and rust-resistant construction. Lastly, it features an air-operated single-point release, which provides the user with an added level of safety.

Atlas Garage Pro 9000

The Atlas Garage Pro 9000 car lift has an extra long runway for larger vehicles. This lift is slightly wider than the Atlas Garage Pro 8000 EXT, and it stands 14 inches taller. Its runway is wide enough to accommodate most long-wheelbase pickup trucks, as well as dually trucks. If you need to lift a truck with a long wheelbase, you can also choose the Atlas Garage Pro 9000.

The Atlas Garage PRO 9000 is a commercial-grade lift that lifts vehicles 85 inches off the ground. It is ideal for parking taller cars underneath parked ones. This lift also comes standard with a powerful 110-volt power unit, which requires a 30 amp breaker. You may choose to add additional accessories, such as a rolling bridge jack, Alignment Kit, and RJ-45 jack.

Challenger HD-9XL

If you need to store vehicles in your garage, you’ll want a Challenger HD-9XL 4 post carlift. Its low approach angle allows you to maximize floor space. With a maximum capacity of 60,000 pounds, this lift allows you to store most vehicles. It is ideal for a wide variety of jobs and features a variety of configurations. The HD-9XL lift is built with maintenance-free electric hydraulic power systems and casters for easy mobility.

The Challenger HD-9XL 4 post carlift has seven lifting models, each with different capacities. The HD-9XL lift comes with four one-piece diamond-plate runways and scratch-resistant powder-coat paint. It has six-inch column-post clearance. This lift is ideal for garages and service facilities. Prices start at $4990. There are many advantages to owning a four-post lift.

BendPak HD-Series

The BendPak HD-Series 4 post vehicle lift is a serious vehicle lifting solution. With its heavy-duty construction and stainless steel lifting cables, this product provides ample lifting security. Moreover, it has an open-front design that allows users to gain easy access underneath the vehicle. Other features include drive-thru ramps and drip trays. The BendPak HDS-18E is a heavy-duty lift that supports 18,000-pound vehicles. The HDS-18E is also ALI-certified, providing superior protection and backup safety measures during heavy-duty lifting.

The BendPak HD-Series 4 post vehicle lift features an easy-to-use control panel, which offers easy adjustments. The patented dual-hub sheaves are easy to install and never need maintenance. The lift’s base plates can be bolted for added stability, or unbolted if you want to use casters. The broader surface area ensures a stable, safe operation.

Challenger HDS-Series

A Challenger 4-post car lift expands the service offerings of any auto repair shop. Its capacity ranges from 12,000 to 60,000 pounds and features low approach angles. The four-post lift’s customizable configurations provide a wide range of service options. Whether your shop’s service department handles a variety of makes and models, a Challenger lift will be an excellent choice. Here are a few key features of this lift.

The Challenger CL4P9 Series is a 9,000-lb. capacity, four-post car lift for home and light commercial storage or service. This lift provides 80 inches of clearance when fully raised. If you don’t have a lot of space to dedicate to car lifts, this lift is a good option. Its capacity range allows you to adjust the height of the lift to meet your needs.